This Beautiful 100 Year Old House has a Most Delicious Secret

This beautiful 100 year old house, situated in Parsi Colony, has a most delicious secret. A secret it reveals only if you knock on the right window.

Team Narrative, led by @fizzasangi_ ⁩ paid Cillie’s a visit, and (after discovering the window), were treated to a delectable lemon cake, and a history lesson about the area and it’s inhabitants, the Parsi community of Karachi.

Cillie’s has been around for the past fifty years and moved to this house about thirteen years ago.

We were told that everything sold in the bakery was homemade, down to the mousses and creams used in the cakes. The lemon cake, was absolutely delicious, two layers of soft cake with a layer of lemon curd in between. It was an absolute steal for Rs. 300.

Parsi Colony is one of the oldest areas of Karachi, and it still looks absolutely glorious for anyone walking by. The houses have low fences, reminiscent of a time where security was more certain.

Parsis are some of the oldest inhabitants of this city as we know it, and have greatly contributed to its development. Some of the famous Parsi established institutions include the Anklesaria Hospital, the Lady Dufferin Hospital, NED University, BVS and Mama Parsi Schools.

But the worsening security situation of the city, the intolerance and hate, has driven many people belonging to minority communities out of the country. Many young Parsis have left, looking for a better quality of life abroad.

Cillie’s Bakery is a reminder to us of all things wonderful, of a society that could be more tolerant and cohesive. It gives us hope, and some very yummy goodies. @ Parsi Colony, Sindh, Pakistan

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