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The Real Purpose of a Blog in Business Marketing

I recently did a quick website review for a new client. Clients often need a good marketer’s opinion about how their site is set up…first impression?….does it flow?….does it have good calls to action? etc.  One area that is often under-utilized for marketing purposes is how to properly leverage their business blog on their website.

Real Purpose of a Blog!

Most owners simply don’t know what to blog about or how a blog works to help their overall SEO. Times are changing in the world of internet marketing, and especially with the SEO tactics that we used to use to gain higher rankings in the search engine results. Sharing and positioning is the new SEO.  What will people find when they search for your name or business?

Today I’m telling business owners, entrepreneurs, and coach this strategy for leveraging the highest benefits from their blogs. First, you need to establish yourself as an educator and advocate for the success of your clients and customers. This means put aside trying to gain sales and instead concentrate on giving value first. This is a very important way to position yourself for your target market that will give YOU the highest return on your own investment for yourself and your business.

Blog Posts Are Book Chapters

When it comes to blogging write about what will truly help your clients and customers in their own businesses or personal lives. Keep your focus on a micro specialization type of niche in a problem area that your customers face.  Keep blogging until you are able to complete the entire resolution of that specific issue. For instance, you may want to focus on the area of how to gain new customers; first tapping into common fears or common traps, what makes people buy or be turned off etc. In other words make each blog post a puzzle piece that focuses on a narrow topic in a series.

Let me summarize again about what I’m trying to convey here. You want to position yourself as an educator and advocate for the success of your clients. Your blog’s purpose is the platform to do just that. Pick a narrow topic that your clients or customers need your help with and start blogging one piece of the puzzle at a time.  In other words each blog post should be written as if it were a chapter in a book. When you have completed blogging about all the issues and given resolutions for each one – guess what you’ve got now.

Media Marketing Positions You as an Authority

You’ve just created your first eBook or Amazon Kindle book.  You can promote this book as a freebie on your site to help you build your email marketing list or you can package it up and sell it on Amazon Kindle books. And guess what….you’ve just positioned yourself as a true educator and advocate for the success of your clients.

My advice next?

Go start another problem-solving series and create another book. Use authority marketing to get instant credibility and promote your book with national media coverage.

Need some help? Online media marketing strategies are my specialty.  I can help you become an authority and expert in your marketplace with spotlight articles, national media endorsements, books and much more. Media marketing is about positioning and standing apart from your competitors.

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