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Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business Working from Home

Maybe you’re just starting your freelance writing career. Or maybe you’re well-established, so you’re looking for tips and tricks for making more money.

Look no further than these 10 tips for selling your freelance writing services…

  1. Pick a specialty. You can pick a particular type of writing, such as crafting ebooks or writing sales copy. You can also focus in on a particular market (such as health and fitness).
  2. Polish your skills. In other words, study and practice the type of writing you intend to do. This is particularly important if you’re doing a highly skilled type of writing, such as copy writing.
  3. Build a portfolio. In other words, collect samples to show your prospective clients. If you’re just getting started, then write your own samples and include them in your portfolio. As your business grows, you can ask satisfied clients if you can use their project in your portfolio.
  4. Use Just don’t write “cookie cutter” replies to projects when you bid on a job. Take the time to create personal replies which tell the prospective client why you’re the best writer for the job.
  5. Post ads on You can browse the ads for writing jobs. You can also post your own ads.
  6. Cold call local businesses. That’s right – pick up the phone and start dialing. These local businesses will never know about your services if you don’t tell them.
  7. Start using up sells. This is where you suggest related services when a client purchases something from you.Example: If a client asks you to create a lead-generating report, you can suggest to the client that you write the sales page for the report, too.
  8. Communicate with your clients. Always let your clients know how their project is progressing, because clients tend to worry if you don’t keep them updated.
  9. Ask for referrals. If you just finished a project, ask the client for referrals. And be sure to also ask for future work.
  10. Create an affiliate program. If you’d like to spend more time writing and less time marketing yourself, then start an affiliate program. You can give your affiliates a commission for every paying client they send you. Or you can work with marketers who serve as “middle men” – those who hire you to write content for their clients. You charge your regular rates, and the middleman charges a marked up rate so that he makes a profit, too.

The 10 tips you just learned will put you well on your way to starting a career as a freelance writer or making more money in your existing career.

If you’d like to know what the most successful freelance writers know about landing lucrative projects and making more money with every client, then you need to read this article carefully.

You’ve heard about the freelance writer’s lifestyle – getting up when you want, working from home, being your own boss.

And you’ve also hear that freelance writers get paid well for what they do. (It’s true.)

You’ve heard about the freelance writer’s lifestyle – getting up when you want, working from home, being your own boss.

So all this has you thinking about starting your own career as a freelance writer. Here’s how to do it in three easy steps…

Step 1: Pick a specialty.

First, you need to ask yourself what types of content pieces you like to write.



Short articles

Long articles

Informational reports

Lead-generating reports

Sales letters



Auto responder series emails

Press releases

And so on…

Secondly, you need to pick one or more markets that you’d like to specialize in, such as dog training, weight loss, business, gardening, etc.

Step 2: Advertise your skills.

Your next step is to advertise your skills and services so that you can start getting clients. There are plenty of ways to do this step.

Here are three common ways:

Use freelancing sites. The biggest and most well-known sites include and In the beginning, focus on building your feedback rating and establishing your reputation on the site.Network on business forums. One such popular forum is the, which even has a section (Warriors for Hire) where you can post an advertisement for your services. Be sure to post in the main forum, too, as you’re likely to make a lot of contacts that way.Post ads on You can certainly post local ads to attract local business, but don’t be afraid to post ads outside your region. Also, be sure to browse the “gigs” and “writing services” sections to find ads from business owners needing writers.

Step 3: Satisfy your clients.

Once you start landing clients, then you need to focus on doing a good job for them. That’s because satisfied clients will not only happily rehire you for their next project, but they’ll also send you referrals.

So how do you satisfy your clients?

The key is over-delivery, meaning you give your clients more than they expect.

This starts by making sure you understand the project brief so that you can deliver what your clients want.

Secondly, you need to keep in contact with your clients regularly (sometimes daily) to keep them updated.

And finally, you may throw in a little something extra.Example: If you’re creating a sales letter, then offer two or three bonus headlines for them to test.

The above steps are a good start in making money as a freelance writer. However, if you’re serious about becoming a freelance writer, then you’re going to want to know detailed instructions.

You enjoy writing. And people tell you that you’re pretty good at it. So maybe it’s time for you to consider a career as a freelance writer.

Now, if you’ve never thought about this before, then you’re probably wondering if there’s money it. Yes, there is, and you can get your share of it in any one of these three ways:

1.Write ebooks.

If you’re good at doing research and consolidating this research into any easy-to-read format, then crafting ebooks might be right up your alley.

The advantage of this method is that it’s lucrative. That’s because most people want to hire skilled writers for these big projects – and they’re willing to pay top dollar for talent.

The downside is that you could be working on a single project for weeks or even months. So if you have a tendency to get bored, then writing big ebooks may not be for you.

2.Craft articles, blog posts and other short pieces.

If writing ebooks doesn’t float your boat, then you may consider crafting short pieces. Online marketers constantly need posts for their blogs, content for article directories, articles for their newsletters and even short reports.Here you’ll find two distinct categories:

One category belongs to those marketers who’re primarily interested in content that brings in search engine traffic, but they’re not concerned with quality. Thus these marketers are looking for cheap articles (sometimes only a dollar or two per 500 words).

Second category belongs to business owners who want to impress their prospects and clients. Thus these people are looking for quality articles – and they’re willing to pay top dollar. This is particularly true if you approach bigger businesses.

3.Create sales copy.

Yet another way to make money is by creating sales copy, such as sales letters and classified advertisements.

This type of writing is extremely lucrative, as top copywriters charge thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands of dollars) for a single sales letter. However, you do need to study the art and science of copy writing before you can start accepting copy writing projects.

Those are just three ways to make money as a freelance writer, but these are by no means the only way. Indeed, just go to and look at the wide variety of writing jobs available. There’s something there for everyone, no matter what your current skills and preferences.

If you’d like to learn the other strategies – and if you’d like to learn how to start using these strategies so that you too can make money as a freelance writer – then you need the 31 Day Guide to Making Money as a Freelance W.R.I.T.E.R. Get your copy here – and do it now, because a lucrative career as a freelance writer awaits you!

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