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Is Digital Marketing in Pakistan for Local Businesses a Waste of Money?


Digital marketing in Pakistan is one of the hottest topics right now but have all local businesses really embraced it with open arms? When speaking with business owners they often tell me we “must” get a Facebook page setup or open one of those twitter accounts. My response is why and the answer I get is because everyone else is doing it. As a digital marketing account manager I don’t like to see businesses wasting time on the latest trends online that change often and fizzle out. Social media is all well and good but it’s how you use it that counts.

Why Use Social Media for Digital Marketing in Pakistan?

I’m not the type of person that is going to hype up social media platforms saying your business needs them or else you are doomed. The truth is using social media as a business tool is excellent for networking and customer service. Your target audience doesn’t use Facebook to see how your business is doing they want to see what everyone is posting. They are not there to buy, purchase or whip out their credit card they simply are having a snoop about and giving their opinion on almost every topic. Social media is simply a place of gossip on all topics.

The minute you speak about your fans or followers as commodities for your monetary gain things can get sour. Why should you benefit from their social activity?

How should you use Digital Marketing for your Local Business?

If you have attended any digital marketing training events I’m sure you have heard of the term “engagement” along with all of the other digital marketing clichés. It’s very simple, people want to almost make decisions and be a part of your online business. For example take Facebook and Google, the moment they make a change to the appearance or functionality of their site a flood of “opinions” in the form of comments appear on the topic. Some will complain about the changes and some will love the changes, even though these platforms are free to use people still think that they personally own part of it. This is what companies have started to really implement, another example is Adidas who have incorporated social media to spread the word about a song contest that they organized.

The key here is to listen to your fans and followers, adapt to their needs and run digital marketing campaigns that make people feel like they are part of the decision making process in your business.

Tired Digital Marketing Teachings and What to Look Out For

Forget about the fancy interface and the entire digital marketing lingo, your focus is on more sales which mean more revenue. You will want to measure your digital marketing advertising budget ROI using analytics to measure and track conversions and sales. The design can develop further when you experiment to see what strategy works best with the end user experience always in mind. Are Digital Marketing Campaigns a Waste of Money?

So here we are at a question that so many local businesses are asking right now as they have a limited advertising budget and to go digital can be a huge step for some. My opinion from experience is if you build digital marketing campaigns by hiring a developer or designer then it could be very dangerous. The marketing strategy is the most important element of creating a digital marketing campaign and this is why I always sit down with clients to see what they are thinking so that a design brief can be constructed clearly around their brand and business.

This will include the company top line activity by month, how to convert visitors into customers and each phase of the digital marketing campaign.

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