How to file a Case/Complaint in Consumer Court in Pakistan

You don’t need a Lawyer’ to file a complaint The procedure to file a complaint before consumer court is , that once you have came to know of defect or the service Centre refused to give u replacements or service or given poor service then you will follow the said steps.

1. Send a 15days notice to owners of the company giving details of product, date of purchase and problem raised (see pictures for format of notice) sending notice is mandatory. Send through TCS. And print acknowledgement

2. If they don’t pay heed to complain, then you have to approach consumer court it’s located inside city court, take the notice, tcs receipts, acknowledgement and Product invoice and all related documents of your case. And get drafted (typist are available at city court premises will charge between 500 to 1000 to draft complaint ask them to include all the invoices document and notice, TCS receipt as annexure) and verify on oath.

3. Go-to to Information window at city court they will guide you to your relevant consumer court, file complain at the office of court, stay there as judge would like to know briefly about the case form u. Then once judges say ok, pay 200 to office boy he will make notices and warrants for the company which u will send via TCS and he will give you a date of hearing.

4. On first date of hearing their lawyer will come and ask u to give a copy of your complaint which you have to provide and date will be given.

5. On next date the company officers will come and judge will ask u both to negotiate the matter and if negotiate fails evidence part will start where you have to stand on witness box and show all evidence . Their lawyer will ask questions form u and same process will be done for the company and you will ask them questions, thereafter judge will keep a date for judgment and he will announce his decision which incase u won can means from replacement of product to Compensation from thousands to lacs.

Please remember the total time period to file case is 30 days from day when defect has been detected or denied service and as soon u come to know defect. , send the notice (pictures attached) which is for 15 days and as soon the 15 days expire. Submit complain/case in consumer court.

Clearing out confusion: The TCS receipt is used as acknowledgement, since the sender can track either the letter has been delivered and to whom it has been delivered.

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