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How to Earn Money from YouTube Complete Course in Urdu/Hindi

There are many smart and legit ways to earn money online in 2022 but this is not a piece of cake for most of the people. If you ask me about the success ratio in this field I would say that maximum 10 out of 100 people try to earn few buck via Internet while rest lose hope.

What could be the main possible reasons that despite of having abilities the ratio is not even satisfactory!  As for my research and my experience of 12 years in this field I have concluded few reasons that are mentioned blew.

This is the main reason that people fail to earn online most of the time. If we talk about free lancing or working on any other online platform, it takes some time to get things mature. Let’s start from working on YouTube, in my circle and list of friends I know hundreds of people who starting working on their YouTube channels. They bought gadgets, expensive mikes, Cameras and all other equipment that is needed to run a processional YouTube channel. There is a criteria on YouTube that you must have to get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watch time that is equivalent to 240000 hours which is not quite impossible. If you focus on working this criteria could be met in one month only, but after uploading few video most of the newbie’s get disappointed and stop working on the channel.

If you want to earn money you should start with a plan, without proper planning and guidelines there is no use of Working on YouTube. You must be clear about your channels niche and objective. I am working on YouTube since 2010, in these 12 years I have created many channels, grown and sold them, few for my clients and few for myself. There was not a perfect starting or ending every time. I faced failures but never got disappointed.

What I have learned in past few years from my YouTube Journey, each and everything is included in this course. If you follow this course seriously, there are 99% chances that your channel will get monetized.

Want to know How to Earn Money from YouTube in Hindi/ Urdu?

 Watch this complete course with Screen recordings, live case studies and proofs. Get 1000$ Worth course for free.

Topics of the Course:

How to Earn Money from YouTube – Course Overview.


How To a Choose a Professional Name for Your YouTube Channel.


YouTube Hot Niches Ideas – Niches That Get views fast.


How to Find Keywords for YouTube.


How to Create a YouTube Channel in 2022


Channel Logo and Art Creation, Additional Channel Branding and Other Settings


How to Prepare Data for YouTube Videos


How to Create YouTube Videos


How to Make Live Recording Lectures


Defining a little bit more Camtasia with Videos Creation – Also How to Produce Videos.


How to Download Free Royalty Music


Checklist of SEO for YouTube Video


Thumbnail Creation Guideline


YouTube Video SEO Strategy – OnPage


How to Use Reddit for Views and Back links.


How to Use Social Media to Promote Videos.

How to Earn Money from YouTube – Course Overview.

How to Earn Money from YouTube in Hindi Urdu Complete Course | Chapter 1

YouTube Earning Course Urdu/Hindi Chapter 2 | How To Choose Channel Name

YouTube Earning Course Urdu/Hindi Chapter 3 | How To Create a YouTube Channel

How to Make YouTube Channel Art Without Photoshop | Earn Money from YouTube in Urdu/Hindi Chapter 4

Viral Video Ideas for YouTube Channel | How to Earn Money from YouTube Chapter 6

Camtasia Video Editing Tutorial in Urdu | How to Earn Money from YouTube Course Chapter 7

How To Make YouTube Thumbnail Without Photoshop | Earn Money from YouTube Course Chapter 8

How to Upload Videos on YouTube with Proper Title and Tags | YouTube Earning Course Chapter 9

How I Got 1 Million YouTube Views on a Video | YouTube Earning Course Chapter 10

How to Promote YouTube Videos With Facebook Ads | Get More YouTube Views| YouTube Course Chapter 11

How to Enable Custom URL for YouTube Channel & Customize YouTube Channel | YouTube Course Chapter 12

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