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How Ali Abdaal Built a YouTube Empire with 3.9 Million Subscribers While in Med School

Ali Abdaal is a well-known YouTuber who has grown a channel to 1 million subscribers while working as a full-time doctor. However, the real story is how he managed to grow a YouTube channel as a side project. Here are the key strategies that Ali Abdaal used to build his YouTube empire:

Strategy #1: Start Very Niche with Your Channel Topic

When Ali first started making YouTube videos, he made videos about passing a medical school entrance exam (BMAT). He started by making videos about how to take Section 1 of the exam and then Section 2, and then expanded his content to include how to prepare for the exam and the medical school interview. He also created videos about life as a medical school student and how to study, which appealed to an even larger audience. The key takeaway from this strategy is to start narrow and then slowly build out to reach larger audiences.

Strategy #2: Create a Moat So Others Can’t Catch Up

Ali invests every dollar he makes back into his channel to make it harder for others to compete. He invested $7,000 into a high-quality camera setup, hired a team of video editors, graphic designers, and a personal assistant. This allows him to put all his attention and time into making higher-quality videos, which helps him get more views and subscribers. The lesson here is to think about the kinds of “moats” you can build to develop a competitive advantage.

Strategy #3: Build a Huge Email List

Ali is growing an audience through his email list, which currently has over 3.9 million subscribers. He sends out an email every Sunday. An email list is an excellent way to reach your audience if your main platform is ever taken away. It’s also a great way to get your content and products in front of your audience. On social media, you’re constantly competing against other creators and working against the algorithm. With email, your content lands directly in your subscriber’s inboxes, giving you a way to tell them about new videos and ask people to purchase your course.

Strategy #4: Optimize Videos for End Screen CTR

YouTube wants to keep its viewers watching as many videos as possible. To achieve this, Ali Abdaal creates a series of related videos and links them at the end of each video. He also mentions the topics of the related videos during the video, making it easier for his audience to find them. To optimize your own videos, think about the next video you will recommend and plan your end screen click-through rates.

Strategy #5: Consistency

Consistency is a crucial factor for YouTube success, and Ali Abdaal is a great example of that. He started by filming guitar covers, and later, he started uploading videos about his life as a medical student. He has been consistently uploading 1-3 videos every week since 2017 and has never skipped a week. As a result, he now has over 400 videos, 3.9 million subscribers, and 270 million video views. To start, just use your phone to film basic content and gradually improve.

Strategy #6: Copy & Learn from the Best

Ali Abdaal was inspired by Peter McKinnon and modeled his videos after him. Over time, he developed his own style and became a successful YouTuber in his own right. To follow this strategy, find someone who inspires you in another niche and model your content after them. Over time, you will develop your own style.

What you should Learn from him?

When it comes to growing a successful YouTube channel, it’s essential to take inspiration and learn from others, and Ali Abdaal is a great creator to learn from. So, what exactly can you gain from following Ali’s footsteps?

First and foremost, Ali has mastered the art of identifying his unique strengths and capitalizing on them. He has taken the time to understand what he’s good at and what he can do repeatedly to make creating content easier for himself. You too can reflect on your own life and find areas where you excel and can showcase your expertise on your channel.

Additionally, by observing Ali’s approach to building and expanding his channel, you can learn valuable strategies that you can implement in your own YouTube journey. Take note of the tactics he uses to engage with his audience, create compelling content, and grow his subscribers. By doing so, you can develop a comprehensive and effective YouTube strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

In conclusion, Ali Abdaal is a valuable resource for anyone looking to grow their YouTube channel. By understanding his approach and incorporating his strategies, you can learn how to be successful on the platform and make your channel stand out from the crowd.

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